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Mercury Free Dentistry – Amalgam Free Dentistry

High Vol Dental Air Vacuum

High Vol Dental Air Vacuum

I have placed zero amalgams in teeth since graduating from dental school. Amalgam, or silver fillings, is typically 50% mercury by weight. There are a whole host of health issues such as neurologic problems and developmental defects associated with it. We have restorative dental materials now which are safer and more closely mimic tooth structure.

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocol

When removing mercury amalgams in teeth, it is important to protect the patient from exposure to the mercury. Mercury can be released by the actual removal in the form of amalgam powder and potentially even as an invisible vapor. Our optimum safe mercury removal protocol is listed below, but  may vary depending upon the patient’s individual needs:

  • Dental Dam Isolation– Forms a watertight seal around the teeth that are having the amalgam removed. Prevents mercury and vapor from being exposed to the patient’s mouth.
  • High Volume Suction– Our dental assistant is trained to keep a high volume evacuation tip as close as possible to the mercury removal location to capture amalgam particles and vapor
  • High Volume Dental Air Vac– This is a very specialized High Carbon – HEPA dental air filter that has a 4-inch intake which is placed near the patient’s mouth. Its purpose is the second line of defense, should any mercury escape the High Volume Suction
  • Activated Charcoal – A mouthwash of activated charcoal is administered to the patient before and after amalgam removal as a safety net to bind and render inactive any mercury which could have escaped the other barriers
  • High Carbon Photocatalytic Whole Office Air Filter – If by chance any mercury vapors were to escape into the office, the indoor air is continuously filtered with this filtration. Photocatalytic Oxidation is a technology developed for NASA to use in space to inactivate airborne contaminants that might escape other means of air filtration. It also has 16 pounds of activated carbon to mop up any other VOC’s.
  • Chelation Supplements – If there are pre-existing health concerns for the patient that are believed to be mercury-related, there are supplements that we can recommend that can help eliminate mercury in the body

I am proud to be a mercury-free dentist in Victoria, TX. If you have concerns about your silver mercury fillings and would like to discuss in greater detail how to safely remove them we would be glad to.

Biomimetic Dentistry

Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detector Video

We practice minimally invasive biomimetic dentistry. Minimally invasive means we want to do the least amount of treatment that we have to in order to restore a tooth or a patient’s entire mouth into proper function. Biomimetic means that we try to use materials and techniques that mimic the natural function of teeth.

We utilize a combination of diagnodent early decay detection technology, advanced cavity treatment that removes as little natural tooth as possible, and a special dye to verify that decay is gone. By diagnosing dental issues at an early stage, Dr. Rainey and Dr. Fritsche are able to employ more conservative methods when treating them. Teeth are then restored using high magnification, minimally invasive techniques, and natural looking composite materials.

We focus on preventive dentistry because we care as much about the beauty of your smile as we do the health of your mouth. Regular check-ups keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling their best, and they can also significantly reduce the amount of dental treatment you’ll need later in life. Our exams include general screenings for gum disease and early oral cancer detection. Please visit our Services page for more about preventive dentistry. To learn about the advanced digital equipment we use in our careful diagnosis and treatment processes, visit our Technology page.