Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

We offer two types of teeth whitening or teeth bleaching. Find the one that best fits your lifestyle and cosmetic goals!

Zoom Whitening vs Our KOR Deep Bleach

I would say that teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is one our most popular cosmetic dental procedures that we offer in our Victoria dental practice.  In the past, we used Zoom Teeth Whitening due to the demand for it from patients. It is well marketed and a brand that is often recognized. It worked well on some, but it was not consistent enough in my experience. I have replaced the Zoom! Whitening with Kor Deep Bleach. I am very confident every time that it will work and the results above speak for themselves.

KOR Deep Bleach

This is our most exciting (As you can see from the results above) and predictable tooth bleaching treatment that we have ever had. We have 2 in office visits which are separated by 2-3 weeks. During the time in between visits, we send the patient home with extremely accurate custom trays and a special at home bleach. This at-home tray bleaching not only bleached the teeth to some degree but more importantly, it conditions the teeth to accept a deeper bleach at the final deep bleach appointment. With the ability to bleach deeper in the tooth and reach those stains that took years to form, we obtain the most dramatic results. This technique also incorporates 2 different very potent anti-sensitivity ingredients which have greatly increased the comfort of bleaching. Once the desired results are achieved, one at home treatment per month is recommended to maintain the teeth whitening results.

Tray Whitening

This would be the original “gold standard”. Custom trays are made that hold the bleaching gel on the teeth while bleaching while you sleep at home. You can achieve great whitening results, it will just take more applications that the other methods.