Orthodontics Philosophy

Orthodontics Victoria Tx

There should be a balance between lip and tongue forces or undesired tooth movement can result. A tongue tie or learned behavior can cause this.

If you are seeking an orthodontist in Victoria, TX to straighten teeth let me give you some things to consider. First, I am not an orthodontist, but am an experienced general dentist with extensive orthodontic training who has been practicing orthodontics for years. Still, my orthodontic training continues as I frequently take courses to stay ahead of advances in orthodontics. I personally view orthodontics as far more important than just straightening teeth for a cosmetically beautiful smile. I believe in a conservative approach that does not involve extracting teeth for orthodontics. I see patients all of the time who have had orthodontics like braces or Invisalign previously yet still have problems such as crowding(orthodontic relapse), excessive tooth grinding, TMJ pain (joint popping, etc), airway breathing disorders, and an unstable bite. It might be of interest to point out that the list of problems related to orthodontics in the previous sentence describes my personal orthodontic issues exactly. Naturally, I sought out the reasons why in order to fix myself as well as prevent these issues form occurring in my own orthodontic patients.

Non-Retraction Orthodontics Video

This video explains what I believe, which is that orthodontics must consider the patient’s airway and health, not just straighten the teeth. If we pull teeth backward, the first structure that is affected is the tongue. If you pull the tongue backward, it can narrow or in some cases constrict the airway during sleep. This can lead to disordered breathing such as sleep apnea in adults and severely disturbed sleep in children. The video really says it all.

Short-Term Adult Orthodontics

There are many patients that spend their lives being self-conscious and not smiling because of crooked teeth. They realize that orthodontics would transform their smile, but don’t want the look of metal dental braces or to spend the amount of time it would take to correct it. We have orthodontic options that can address these concerns and give you that confident smile you always wanted.

We offer several options for orthodontics: Invisalign, Short Term Orthodontics, & Interceptive Orthodontics

If the patient desires to move teeth without the look or feel of braces then we offer Invisalign. We use clear trays to move the teeth just like braces do. Read more about it here on our Invisalign page.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Orthodontics & Dentistry in Victoria TXEarly interceptive orthodontic treatment allows us to treat orthodontic problems before the eruption of all of the permanent teeth, or when there are few permanent teeth present. Our goal is to guide the growth of the upper and or lower jaw to make enough space for the eruption of all the permanent teeth. We feel that children should be evaluated by the age of four to see if there is a bone problem (orthopedic) or a tooth problem (orthodontic).

If the patient has a problem such as the upper jaw is too narrow, or an underdeveloped lower jaw, this will require a special appliance called a functional appliance to correct the problem. Minor tooth crowding can also be corrected early on in some instances with these appliances.

Other benefits of early orthodontic treatment or interceptive orthodontics:

  • Improves profiles, smiles and self-esteem
  • Corrects harmful habits, such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting
  • Functional appliances develop the arches and make more room for the tongue
  • Improves speech
  • Reduces the amount of time spent in fixed braces and frequently eliminates the need for the extraction of permanent teeth
  • Increases nasal breathing which improves health
  • Eliminates airway constriction
  • Creates beautiful broad smiles by developing the arches
  • Eliminates grinding of the teeth at night
  • Prevents headaches and earaches

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