Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery & Dentists in Victoria TX

Oral surgery is a very broad area of dentistry that includes tooth extractions, bone grafting, preparatory work related to dental implants and other procedures that may be medical or dental in nature. The dental staff at Comprehensive Family Dental is trained to handle many of these procedures in our Victoria dentist office.

This is a comfort to the practice’s patients. They trust Comprehensive Family Dental to deliver a high quality of care and service with a high degree of professionalism and working with the dentist that patients are already familiar with puts them at ease. We also offer different forms of sedation for patients who require it. Patients trust Comprehensive Family Dental to provide thorough, efficient care for any dental treatment, and their team can handle a wide variety of dental needs in-house.

The Comprehensive Family Dental team is well respected in the Victoria community, and their skilled staff of dentists can a wide variety of minor dental surgeries and extractions in office. Patient trust and gentle care is the chief goal for the team at Comprehensive Family Dental. We have extensive training and experience in oral surgery and are skilled at comfortably removing teeth when necessary.

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