Dental Implants

Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants And Does It Hurt?

When teeth are missing, there are usually several options available to replace them. A removable partial denture or complete denture, or a fixed dental bridge have been standard procedures for many years. However, a dental implant done by an implant dentist is truly the best option that we have available today for dental patients who are missing teeth. Fortunately for patients in the Crossroads, they don’t have to travel in order to have dental implants in Victoria, TX. Dental implants can be done comfortably while our patients are under MD supervision with IV sedation. They wake up after the dental implant procedure with the dental implants in place and typically have very few complaints of discomfort.

The video above shows how we use Cerec Design software and milling to custom design the dental implant attachments and the permanent Porcelain Crown so that they integrate seamlessly.

What is the Dental Implant Made Of?

Dental implant dentist

Implant Lateral Before after

The dental implant is made of biocompatible titanium and essentially is an artificial tooth root that is placed where the natural root used to be. We then cement a crown to it, just as if it were a natural tooth. Dental implant crowns can be made of natural looking porcelain, metal or a combination of the two. Once the dental implant crown is done, it should feel just like a natural tooth and be extremely long lasting. The patient brushes and flosses just like they would a natural tooth.

Dental Implants used for Implant Dentures

Dental Implants in Victoria, TXAnother way we use dental implants is to stabilize existing dentures or to support new dentures. The top of the implant has an attachment that snaps into the dental implant denture. This greatly improves the stability of the denture, so that the patient can talk and chew much more efficiently. If you want to read more about dental implant stabilized dentures click here to read our implant dentures page. If you would like to be evaluated for dental implants in Victoria, TX you can call our office for an implant dentist consultation at 361-573-7722.

Dental Implant Dentures Victoria, TX

Implant Denture Attachments

What if you don’t replace teeth that are missing?

  • Teeth can shift and the result can be negative changes in the bite
  • TMJ problems can develop from the bite changes
  • Increased pressure on teeth that are carrying more load can cause excessive wear or severe damage to the other teeth
  • Loss of bone will occur where teeth are missing and that can complicate the fit of dentures/partials and possibly prevent an implant in the future should it be decided later to have a dental implant