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We offer a broad range of comprehensive cosmetic and family dental services in our Victoria dental office for our patients. It has taken me many years and hundreds of hours of continuing education courses to master all of the aspects of general dentistry that I offer, and which together I refer to as practicing comprehensive dentistry. By that, I mean focusing on how the individual parts of the patient function as a whole. An analogy here could be understanding the entire forest, not just the individual trees.

In dental school, we are primarily taught to focus on a problem, such as a cavity and to remove it and fill it. That is what is obvious and necessary to do, but we need to also ask why do they have that cavity. Does the patient, for example, clench their teeth? Could that clenching have caused a tiny fracture line that allowed decay to infiltrate the tooth that we now have to fill? Well if that were the case, then we had better address the root cause (the clenching) that led to the cavity or we will just have the patient stuck in a vicious cycle of more cavities if we do not.

There are far more examples of these cause and effect situations, but I think you understand the point we are looking at our patients comprehensively. It is easy to overlook this if we only look to treat the effect and not the cause. The way that we discover these types of things is usually through a very thorough comprehensive exam for our new patients where I listen closely to the patient. For an adult, we try to schedule an hour just with me so that we leave no stone unturned.

Below are links to pages in this site that describe in greater detail the variety of dental treatment that we offer. Please read through it and if you would like to discuss your particular needs with me in greater detail at my Victoria dentist office, give us a call at 361.573.7722

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